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Hi Wang

Lynn | Posted: 12-June-2014

"I thank you for your real enthusiasms to help us find that important energy to activate our brain to do what is natural for it. I believe it. The first step is discovering the energy for wanting to break down the wall of problems around us and than listen you as much as it is possible. I need to learn Chinese so much. Thank you for your stimulation." -- Ahmed ENGLAND

Hi~ Wang you are right

Meredith | Posted: 11-June-2014

"Hi~ Wang you are right. Your suggestion is really good and be impressioned to me.. So Now a days I listening the MINI STORY with keep the relax. I’m doing the way your suggest. Anyway thank you for your suggestions." -- Lerio Ireland

Thank so much Wang my great teacher.

Nicholas | Posted: 10-June-2014

"Hi Wang I’m really appreciate you and your great things you have made for us (Super Easy Chinese lesson). I’m the one who strongly believe subconscious. I’ve studied Chinese with the mini stories for several months and my Chinese now is much better than it used to be, it’s easier for me to make a conversations and the most interesting thing is that the sentences sometimes just come out without thinking and I don’t need to force myself to speak. Likewise I continue with your method, hopping one day I’m able to use Chinese as well as native ones do. " -- Jenny ENGLAND

thank you mr Wang for this rule

Isidore | Posted: 07-June-2014

"Hi, Wang Hi, How are you, hope you and your family are fine, Thank you so much for your helps, I spent a lot of my time to study your Chinese course, It’s very easy for me to understand them. and really powerful to improve my Chinese speaking. Thanks again. With every good wish Cheers " -- Arizalmahdi Italy

You are a super man

Kenneth | Posted: 05-June-2014

"You are a super man. Your advices is very powerful and scientist. I started to use them in 2-3 weeks, and My Chinese improved. I am feeling, “I WILL SPEAK QUICKLY Near”I started understanding what speaking. You are giving to me a powerful positive energy. Thanks for your advices to me.. " -- Birol turkey


Lance | Posted: 01-June-2014

" Acquiring Chinese as a second language is not easy. People often say ‘I don’t have enough time.’ or ‘I would need to go to the China to get it but no money and no time for now.’. Those are execuse. If you really, really, really want it, you can do most of the things. Then, what makes you really want it? That’s the key. Your passion, your intension, your vision, your goal. It is important to ask yourself how much you really want to get it. If you say to yourself that you are really, really, really, really want it, you will be getting it. That’s what I guess Wang is saying. 非常感谢你的方法,我的汉语进步了,我要加油! " -- Naim Engliand

Thanks for your lessons

Marshall | Posted: 30-May-2014

"I learned about your teaching system purely by chance.. One night, having studied Chinese for an hour and feeling very tired, I was sitting all alone and write “how to speak fluent Chinese” in google.. And then found your website!! .. That was a relief for me.. I’m visual and auditory so that system is just tailor-made for me " -- Jim Austria

I want to express my gratitude to you

Osborn | Posted: 27-May-2014

"I want to express my gratitude to you, Teach Wang! You give me confidence in Chinese learning, I start my Chinese learning from the begining of last year, but I am shamed to speak my pour Mandarin, in Feb. I know you, you teach me how to sspeak Chinese easily, only 3 month I could speak Chinese. it is better than my last year! Thank you again, keep in touch.xiexie Jeffery " -- Jeffery Dubai